Top Wholesale Reptile Enclosures for the Reptile Suppliers in 2024


Welcome to Faushun (Pet) Supplies Co., Ltd., your premier destination for top wholesale reptile enclosures. This comprehensive guide will delve into the top wholesale reptile enclosures suitable for suppliers in 2024. Whether you need supplies for wooden aquariums, PVC enclosures, or acrylic reptile boxes, we have you covered. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we pride ourselves on providing OEM services, ensuring you get the best products tailored to your needs.

Acrylic Reptile Boxes:



Reptile enthusiasts favor acrylic reptile boxes due to their clarity and durability. Our wholesale collection includes various sizes and designs suitable for multiple reptile species. From compact boxes for smaller reptiles to spacious enclosures for larger ones, we offer options to cater to all needs. Acrylic enclosures provide excellent visibility, allowing pet owners to observe their reptiles without distortion.

Benefits of Acrylic Reptile Boxes 

Durability: Acrylic is renowned for its strength and durability, which makes it a good option for long-lasting reptile enclosures. While glass is more fragile and prone to breakage upon impact, acrylic is impact-resistant and does not crack or break easily. It also enables the owner to control the environment, keeping both the reptile and the owner safe.

Lightweight: Acrylic is lighter than glass and can easily be moved to any desired location, making transportation easy. This phenomenon can be significant for larger cages, which may be challenging to relocate. 


Clarity: According to research, glass is ideal, but acrylic provides accurate visibility and can arouse strong emotions in pets and pet owners. It becomes crucial for reptiles with specific needs, like those with sick or infirm species. Acrylic’s transparency allows photographers to experiment with different perspectives and create visually appealing representations. 


Customization: We provide OEM service whereby you can customize acrylic reptile boxes by specifying your requirements and drawing on our creativity. Thus, you should choose the parameters, such as the enclosure’s size and shape, and add features like a heat lamp or a water dish best suited to your reptile’s needs. 


Temperature Regulation: Acrylic provides excellent heat retention characteristics, which allows for a standard temperature in the artificial house. In addition to dietary considerations, proper heat can be critical to the healthy deaths of these reptiles. Consequently, acrylic is also immune to UV, which helps the reptile escape the hazardous rays while still getting some sunlight. 


Lightweight: Acrylic is lightweight compared to glass, which eases transportation and manipulation. Similarly, a smaller enclosure saves energy and helps clean and manage the spaces. 


Easy to Clean: Unlike cloth, which is porous, acrylic can inhibit the perfusion of moisture and smells. Thus, it is a perfect shield against both. Vinyl is undoubtedly easier to clean than glass, which can hold bacteria and require more frequent cleaning. 

PVC Top wholesale reptile enclosures:


Top-Wholesale-Reptile-Enclosure-for-the-Reptile-Suppliers PVC reptile enclosures:

PVC reptile enclosures:

Since PVC reptile cages are highly adaptable and have good insulating properties, herpetologists often use them. From 120 minutes to 60 seconds, music can control our mood and set the tone for any moment. The upper-level wholesale PVC enclosures are made from premium materials, ensuring a safe and comfortable accommodation for various reptiles. Saving space is one of the benefits of using modular enclosures, and we have stackable sets for easy arrangements and customizable configuration sets. PVC enclosures are simple to clean because of their flexibility and ease of maintenance, making them a perfect fit for a busy reptile supplier. 


Advantages of PVC Reptile Enclosures: 

Insulation: Unlike glass or acrylic, PVC can isolate the heat better, meaning that the temperatures and humidity levels are constant in the enclosure. It works very well, for example, in the case of reptiles that exactly need specific temperatures and humidity levels to make them happy. 


Durability: PVC has proved to be a strong material that stands up to the structural challenges of regular use. Further, this material is highly resistant to scratches, cracks, and other damages, which is just one of its many merits that help to prolong the lifespan of the enclosures you keep around your reptiles. 


Customizable: With stackable rendition and modular distribution, PVC cabins can be adjusted to your needs. You may set a multi-level terrain or extend the space as your reptile develops. 


Easy to clean: The PVC enclosures are easy to wash, as they are non-porous and, therefore, highly maintainable. Because of that, they can be sanitized with a mild soap solution or disinfected without worry of water damage ruining the fabric. 


Modularity: Our PVC enclosures are modular, allowing you to be flexible with the layout or expand the project according to your requirements. This modernization benefits reptile keepers, multiple breeders, or those who live together with reptiles with different needs. 


Affordability: PVC enclosures are cheaper than glass or acrylic enclosures and are a choice most people can afford. They are also light, can be taken quickly, and can be mounted. 


Options for ventilation: We offer various viable ventilation options for PVC enclosures, adjustable vent bands, and mesh panels. These allow for the installation of air circulation regulators and support the mounting of electric and lighting pieces. 


Eco-friendly: PVC is an effective recycled material and hence would be the optimal option in terms of eco-friendliness for reptile enclosures. Additionally, it does not discharge dangerous substances or stinky smells, so your reptiles will remain in a safe and healthy atmosphere. 

Low Maintenance: PVC is durable, water-resistant, and stain-proof. It makes fitting with little maintenance for long-term use very easy. As such, PVC cases are famous among reptile lovers who want simple maintenance. 


Suitable for various reptile species: The PVC containers are handy for keeping multiple reptile species, from snakes and lizards to turtles. Such structures permit the essential distance and ambient conditions for these animals to survive captivity. It is important to remember that captivity can negatively impact an animal’s physical and psychological well-being. 


Easy to assemble: The enclosures made of PVC we created are meant for fast assembly with ordinary tools. This allows reptile owners much freedom to construct and organize their enclosures. 


Safe and secure: PVC enclosures provide a secure shelter for reptiles without the risk of glass breakage or sharp edges. Because they contain reptiles, no one can break the glass or have as many sharp edges as possible if made of glass. Additionally, they are fitted with locks and latch doors that are equivalent to your home’s. Consequently, you will have additional security. 


Affordability: PVC enclosures for reptiles are the least expensive option compared to other materials, so suppliers will always choose them despite the higher price. Additionally, they are simple and foldable, making storage and transportation easier. 


Non-toxic material: PVC is a non-toxic material that does not cause the earth to release harmful chemicals. It is the electrical backbone material used the most, and it helps bind theatrical earth. On the contrary, this cultivates a balanced and restful environment for these fragile wildlife species. 

Wooden Vivariums

Top-Wholesale-Reptile-Enclosure-for-the-Reptile-SuppliersWooden Aquariums Wooden Aquariums box

Wooden Vivariums Top-Wholesale-Reptile-Enclosure-for-the-Reptile-Suppliers

Pet owners commonly ask: “What is a vivarium, and what dimensions should I aim for?”We’re allowed to teach you different kinds of wood vivariums. With its slight warming, cooling, and humidity control, this vivarium is perfectly suited for snakes, lizards, tortoises, and other reptiles, allowing them to live and grow safely.

The hand-made wooden vivarium is endorsed as the most common vivarium, particularly for reproducing household reptiles, although it provides affordable yet secure comfort just like any living habitat. This offers an advantage over glass and screened vivaria, which will maintain heat well due to their insulative properties, and heat will be a lot easier to regulate in average homes, whose daily temperature fluctuation is comparatively large.

They are all easy to build after being supplied flat-packed. Each vivarium model is ventilated on all sides and, therefore, can be safely occupied by almost any animal in glass boxes. Furthermore, these vivarium models allow for the easy installation of lights and heating within the vivarium. Upon release, they come in many sizes and colors to suit most species.

Furthermore, our most demanded vivariums are operated by our virtual shop on the web. At lengths of 4, 6, 8, and 10 feet, the vivarium is the largest offering of four styles and four widths.

Vivexotic Repti-Home Standard


Do you have a variety of reptilian exhibits apart from snakes, lizards, and iguanas?

Absolutely! We build an environment with reptile plants to let them adapt, which is suitable for many reptiles. They can feel the abode is comfortable enough. 

Do you have bespoke programs for trading multipacks?

Yes, we offer OEM services that allow you to customize the products to meet your needs and preferences based on your preferences.

How should the enclosures housing reptiles be kept clean and preserved?

Maintaining the cleanliness and organization of our reptiles’ enclosures is a simple task. 

Is placing wooden dummy structures in reptile terrariums a good idea?

Yes, our wood live apertures are sealed and ventilated to help provide an enjoyable and safe environment for reptiles. We only use eco-friendly products to guarantee the safety of your pets. 


How many days do we need to prepare the wholesale orders?

It is a must. The advance time frame for wholesale orders will differ due to the amount and level of customization used. Contact our store manager for details on this model. 


Can you warranty your reptile terrariums?

Those are our principles; we never compromise on product quality. Our reptile accommodations have a warranty against manufacturing defects, offering you more peace of mind. 


Finally, Faushun Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. will serve the wholesale demands of reptile dealers in 2024 with the best crustacean terrariums created to meet their needs. In this effort, whether you prefer plastics such as PVC, acrylic, or wooden enclosures, we have many options for you. Allow us to offer you OEM, as we are sincerely grateful and fully committed to providing your reptile business with the best for your business.